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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Blog only for individual? NO!!

When the word "blog" comes to you, what will you think of? Something that an individual use to communicate with others, reflect and share their live? If this is your answer, the followings will be useful for you as it may helps to broaden your knowledge.

Nowadays, blog has become one of the hottest communication tools on the Web. Not only individual maintains a blog, According to Fortune 500 Business Blogging, many companies are following the trend. One of the purposes companies maintain corporate blogs is for marketing use.

Maintaining a corporate blog is less costly and less technical skills needed. It is an ideal marketing tool as it can be access by potential and existing consumers from any part of the world. And this will eventually helps to boost the company profit. Most important, it gives consumers opportunities to express their feeling about company's products and services. Consumers can also comment or give any suggestion on it. From that, the management will have knowledge about what are the products that preferred by consumers. And what are the problems with those less preferred products and ways to improve them.
Corporate blogging brings benefits to the companies, but some how, there are also limitations.
A blog is open to everyone. This means that, any one can write something on it. If someone post something bad about the company's products or services (even it is not the truth), it will harm the company's reputation. Since the corporate blog can be viewed by everyone around the world, the impact is very huge.

Starbucks is maintaining a corporate blog called “My Ideas in Action”. Basically, it is a blog that allows members to share, vote, discuss and see. When a consumer post an idea to Starbucks, the management will know what action needs to be taken to improve. Besides Starbucks, other large companies such as Nike and Nokia, they are also maintaining a corporate blog to get closer to their customers.

For those who thought only individuals maintain blog previously, hopes that the above helps you to gain additional knowledge.

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